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Babu88 gaming should be something that is positive, entertaining and thrilling yet fun. On occasions it’s difficult to control how much we want to play in view of the fact that we may lose some money. In this section you will find ways to ensure your gambling is within controllable limits as well as places to turn for help if you think you might need it.

I Think I Might Be Playing Too Much

From the following, pick any of these statements that can apply to you; if they do, you may have a gambling problem and we suggest that you get professional support and see how Babu88 can help in sections 3 and 4 below. You’ve tried many times to stop gambling without success. When trying to quit or minimize gambling, you become uneasy or edgy. Gambling is an escape from problems or a way of alleviating dysphoric mood.

After losing money on betting, you always go back next day for revenge (“chasing” losses). To hide your degree of engagement in gambling, you deceive your family members, therapist or others. In order to gamble, you have been involved in criminal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft or embezzlement. Because of gambling activities have lost this important link with someone significant, employment or educational career opportunities jeopardized. Whenever faced by financial crisis resulting from gambling behavior money is often asked for from other persons.

Friend, Or Family Member Of Mine I Believe They Are Engrossed In Gaming

Below is an inventory of red flags and signs. Do you have someone in mind? You will learn more and find contact details of professionals specialized in gambling addiction by clicking on “Read more and contact.”


The time spent to gamble and plan around playing is continually increasing. More often than not the person is preoccupied by gambling and it becomes a priority over things in the person’s life.


Money disappears from bank accounts, people tend to borrow money more often without being able to pay back, there may be money problems or difficulty paying bills although income is regular.


The person experiences excessive worry which he or she did not before, becomes easily irritated with several signs of depression and anxiety.


It is commonly seen that the individual starts isolating themselves from friends and family members as well as avoids social activities.

Play Responsibly by Setting Your Limits

Should you fear that occasionally you go beyond your intentions, there are helpful limits we may suggest you to set prior to starting your game. Once set, it will take effect immediately and consider activities since the time of setting.

For example, if you were to set a weekly limit on Wednesday; then it would reset at Monday midnight (GMT) and continue running from Monday through Sunday. Repealing or relaxing a limit takes 24 hours whereas tightening this limit is an instant process. Pick out the best limit for yourself using your Play Ok settings here.

Spending Budget

It restricts the amount of money one can spend within a certain period at any given time. Your deposits can be made until they reach such amounts and in addition to this, you can make same withdrawals as those done earlier during this duration. If during one week you decide on €50 per week while withdrawing €100 in cash on some days then depositing should not exceed €150 altogether.

Limit on Deposits during a Certain Period

This will limit the amount of money you can deposit within a given time frame. Once this amount is reached, you cannot make additional deposits until your cap is restored.

Wagering Limit during a Certain Period

This will limit the total amount of wagers that can be made by you within a specific period. When this sum is exhausted, no new bets are possible until the limit resets.

Limit on Losses based on Bets minus Wins for a Given Time

This will limit how much net loss in bets minus wins you can experience in any given period. When this value has been reached, no further bets can be placed until your cap has been reset.

Time Limit While Logged In

Restrict the number of hours you can spend logged into your account per day. As soon as one exceeds his or her limit it triggers an automatic log out and all gaming gets frozen or completed in the background. ProTip: Always sign out of your account after completing a session.

Login time block

Do not log in to your account during a specific time range that is fixed for all the days of the week. The start and end times for this limit must be determined according to your timezone when you activate it.

Take a break or stop playing

At times, you may need to take a break from playing so that you can suspend your account for a certain period. If you want a cool off period, take a small interval. However, if you feel like you have played too much then I suggest self-excluding yourself from your account for at least six months. On the other hand, when gambling eventually becomes an issue for sure, indefinite exclusion from online gambling would be ideal for you. Suspend your account by going to Play Ok settings here.

Take A Break

It is possible to take a break from Babu88 for up to six months. After your time off is complete, your account will reopen automatically. You can adjust the last day at some point in future. If you decide to terminate it prematurely, you will have to wait for 24 hours before you can login next. For any help, use our chat. We won’t send you any emails or texts during that period.

Self Exclusion

If you feel as though you have taken on too much and are worried about being addicted to gambling, then we suggest shutting down your account for a minimum of half a year. During this time, we won’t receive any emails or messages from us and there is no possibility of returning. After the expiration of your exclusionary period, our system will restore access rights automatically Contact us through live chat if you want to extend your self-exclusion period.If it seems like gambling may be an issue for you, then consider closing out this account indefinitely instead and get professional help elsewhere.

Professional Support And Helplines

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is a global service that gives free practical advice and emotional support to people who have problems related to gambling. For instance, it has a free app which includes various tools and information to enable you spot and tackle problem gambling.

Gordon Moody Association

Gordon Moody Association offers assistance, teaching, and inventive quality treatment to individuals who have become addicted gamblers as well as their relatives by giving them access to their services both online or directly in their residential buildings.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers anonymous is an association of men and women sharing with each other their personal experiences, strengths and hopes that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from gambling.


This platform offers effective software that blocks all the gaming sites where you can make your bets or play casinos online so as not to be attracted by them. It’s just like any other blocking software which works by preventing access only to those sites that are designed for the purpose of gambling.