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Babu88 is India’s number one Cricket Exchange and Betting Platform. Join us with your details and you can now start placing your bets. If you open an account with us, it means that you have read and understood the terms and conditions provided below.

Account Terms And Conditions

Create an account and fund it in order to enjoy our services. Please review the Privacy Policy, Rules & Regulations of BAU88, Respectable Gambling Practices for Responsible Gaming as well as Frequently Asked Questions that are also part of these Terms & Conditions including BAU88 Charges. Whenever there is a contradiction between the above mentioned provisions, you must consider this agreement.

Your Account

To open an account with us, you must make the following representations:

  • You are at least 18 years old. Betting by minors is illegal and carries legal penalties
  • You have the capacity to accept responsibility for your actions and enter into a contract with us;
  • You agree that you will give accurate information such as date of birth and country of residence among others. Additionally, you agree to inform us about any changes therein;
  • The registration details belong to yourself and no one else
  • You are acting for yourself and not on behalf of another
  • You have not been declared bankrupt or entered into a voluntary arrangement with your creditors
  • It is your duty alone to comply fully with all local, national, federal state or other legislation concerning betting and gambling in relation to opening or using accounts, placing bets or receiving any services from us.
  • You will have to provide adequate documentation and information which may be required to identify your identity, age, home address, country of birth, and other such matters as deemed necessary in relation to the opening and maintenance of an account for you.

Additionally, you acknowledge that we shall authenticate the accuracy of such details. You should update this information accordingly if there are any changes. Your account’s security is your own responsibility. This includes the name used to log into your account as well as your password.

Always change passwords frequently and do not tell them anybody else. As a result, you must always protect the username and password and bear all risks related thereto at your own risk. In the event that your account is accessed by someone else, you are responsible for all of his actions whether or not you approved his access.

On top of this, you agree to protect and indemnify us against any claims, liabilities, damages, expenses relating to the use of your account by a third-party. You shall not sell or try to sell or have another person derive benefits from your account nor shall you attempt acquiring or buy an account in somebody else’s name. Endure a gambling behavior which is fair, safe and responsible.

Deposit And Withdrawal Of Funds

To begin gambling, there are a few things that you need to do but first, deposit some amount of cash into your betting account. You make the following representations and warranties:

  • All funds deposited in your account are free from any illegality and have not been derived from any illegal activity or source;
  • All payments made by you into your account shall be authorized and you shall not seek any reversal of payment or take steps with the intention of avoiding liability thereof initiated by third parties.
  • You agree that all transactions can be reviewed for money laundering prevention purposes and any suspicious transactions will be reported to appropriate authorities.
  • You acknowledge that you are not entitled to earn any interest on your deposits and understand that BABU88 is not acting as a bank.


Under our Privacy Policy, all the information that we receive and send is processed. You give us permission to use any means including contacting third-party providers of information in order to verify your identity and credentials. Every now and then, we may get in touch with you just to ask whether there has been any promotional activity in the event that you win a huge amount of money or make an unusually successful bet. If you agree, we can use your name or photograph.

Deposit And Withdrawal Of Funds

Deposit money if you want to start gambling. You warrant that:

  • all your deposits are clean and not associated with any illegal activities or sources of funds;
  • Any payment received in your account is authentic and will not be overturned by you or third party or do anything which may result in such reversal as per the instructions.
  • You agree that all transactions are subject to anti-money laundering checks and any suspicious transactions will be promptly reported to relevant authorities.
  • I acknowledge that BABU88 is not a financial institution, so I accept no right for interest on my deposits made there.


Under our Privacy Policy, all information sent to us and received by us are processed. To verify your identity with any third-party providers of information, you authorize us using any means necessary at any time. We would like to contact you from time to time if in case you win a big sum of money or place an abnormally high bet and inquire whether there is some promotional activity about this event. Should you accept it, we may require the use of your name or image.


You admit that BABU88 and its associates have personal data about you, particularly your name, email and address. You also agree that we rely on this information when making our contract with you. Moreover, you promise that you will not tell us any falsehood in the information given to us.

Mistakes And Omissions

As soon as you discover any mistake in your account, inform us immediately or else waive all amounts displayed in your account as a result of human or technical error.

Suspension And Termination

We may suspend or end your account at our sole discretion any time and with or without reason upon notification. At any moment, you may close your account. Simply contact our Customer Service in case you wish to do that. If we catch you gambling from unauthorized areas, we can block you from betting on our site and using our services. We have the right to look into any suspicious activities concerning your account. After an investigation has concluded, we shall be entitled to freeze some or all of the funds in your account if it is established that you have violated any terms and conditions stated herein. It could be necessary for us to suspend your account immediately.


If an applicable authority deems any part of the rules and regulations as not enforceable, it will be modified to make it enforceable within the correct interpretation. The validity of other sections shall have no impact on them.


We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion at any time. If you do not agree with our changes, you cannot use our service anymore.

Betting General Conditions

Babu88 gives an opportunity for players to enter into various betting transactions on the markets listed on our website. When you bet through us, we are not acting as a counterparty but rather as a facilitator; The website or mobile application can be used for betting transactions; In these General Conditions when we refer to “the Services” we mean all the services listed above (where applicable).

Throughout these General Conditions references to “Babu88”, “we”, “us” and/or “our” refer to whichever Babu88 provides the Service to you as described in the Specific Conditions which apply to your betting transaction(s).

You should carefully read these General Conditions as well as those relevant to your specific conditions before engaging into any betting transactions. Please note that there are different Rules and Regulations governing each of our exchange and products. Each product market has its own set of rules regarding how they are offered, managed or settled.

Conditions On Using Babu88

Use Of Our Services

You are under an obligation to pay for any money that would be lost due to losing bets. You understand that you will not be allowed to recover any sums in respect of any losses by you under any bet from us. You must ascertain whether we are allowed to accept your bet based on the applicable laws of your country of residence and/or location and undertake not to bet with us when residing in a country that prohibits it. Use our services only for legal betting purposes. In particular, do not:

  • Dabble in acts meant to ruin or slow down our business operations so as to create a liability for us such as tax authorities;
  • Gamble on or rigging any individual Market which we consider is aimed at undermining the integrity of the Exchange or any Market;
  • Buy, arrange with someone else for this sort of information to be passed on by a third person who can help you gamble in any sport or contest even indirectly and in such areas where it is not allowed.

General Conduct

You will not engage in trying to deliberately move funds from one Babu88 account to another by matching bets on a market with another account through collusion. You will make known to us immediately you learn of any errors in betting computation. Erroneous bets can be declared null and void at our discretion.

You must not or attempt to interfere with the IP address which is allocated to your computer while accessing the website or do anything that may obstruct us from accurately establishing the real IP address allocated to your computer as it accesses the site. You agree that you shall bear all tax or duty payable upon any of your betting transactions. You will not use offensive language, post pornographic materials or make defamatory remarks within forums or other sections of our site including username and any other contributions you made on this website.


Our privacy policy will be observed whenever you give us any such facts. You, at all relevant times, grant us the right to verify your identity and qualifications with any 3rd party information providers by whatever means necessary. We have the capacity to document all forms of communication coming in or going out of Babu88 and supervise all betting related details You accept that we are not responsible for, and that you will indemnify and hold harmless us from any liability arising from the release of personal (or other) data under this Agreement.

Conditions Relating To Betting

It is your duty to be well acquainted with what our site contains and how the services operate; we may change the way in which the services are offered so as to enhance We shall choose when markets are opened for betting and can close them whenever we want to. We will strive to resolve Markets as fast as possible, but we do not guarantee this regarding the period within which Markets shall be managed. The facts you provide us about what exactly you intend to bet on is entirely your liability.

We shall not be held accountable for wrong entries done by you including odds data input errors, price and stake on offer or bet request forwarded to our operators which is incorrect. If your bet request is repeated incorrectly by the operator, you must make sure it is corrected and we are informed of the mistake.

You become responsible for such bets once you have confirmed a bet request and the bet matches against your account in case of loss. Babu88 may in its absolute discretion decide to suspend betting on a market at any time. For purposes of maintenance integrity fairness in the Markets, Babu88 may void particular bets within a market or void an entire Market as a whole.

Cancellation, Termination, Suspension, And Breach

Moreover, if: there is a technological failure;

  • we have reasons to suspect that you are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activity;
  • we have reasons to suspect that you have (or may have) violated any part of this Agreement;
  • we have reasons to suspect that you violated the terms of a Babu88 promotion;
  • we ascertain that colluding with other players to take undue advantage of a bet/promotion and/or incurring zero or only marginal risks while participating in them means an individual has acquired an opportunity for guaranteed wins and/or profits;
  • it becomes apparent that your account’s use of “public market data” (‘public market data’ includes market prices, traded volumes and market depth), which may be considered ‘business usage’ (˜’business usage’ refers to use by any betting operator or by anyone including entities providing betting operators with any kind of information or services).
  • Entering a bet is forbidden by any term of your work agreement or rule of sports governing body or any other professional body which binds you; GB) you have to place the bet on any sport match or event in which you are involved (or in the presence of a group that you belong to, or for which you work).

Underage Gambling

Gambling or registering with Babu88 is a crime under 18 years. Once we find out that you are under the age of 18 years or when you made any transaction in our site: a) We immediately shut the door to any bet transactions, withdrawal of funds or operation of your account b) We probe and make enquiries into your claim that you were not yet an adult at the time, whether you have been gambling out for or on behalf of someone else.

Cancellation Of An Offer For A Bet

We shall confirm the cancellation once you cancel an unmatched bet. You also accept to have your offer remain and be accepted if your cancellation request fails to arrive in time. In case the cancelling off of your submission will occur after any part of it has been approved for payment, you may not call off your bid as it may have been entirely or fractionally met during the interim period between when you notified us that you no longer wish to go ahead with placing such a bet and when this message got through. Hence, the original offer or part of it would subsist and form the basis of concluding on a wager.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Stakes

Depending on the type of bet and/or market, the minimum and maximum bets are variable. These amounts can be altered depending on the platforms that are being used. You cannot bet below the minimum betting size threshold as doing so may lead to closure of your account Your actual betting limit is shown by either your “Available to Bet” balance or “Exposure Limit” in your account, whichever is less. This notwithstanding, any such bet will remain valid even if we process an offer or acceptance of a bet under applicable thresholds.

Bet Settlement

We have the Babu88 Rules and Regulations, Sportsbook Rules and Regulations that we will follow in settling our markets subject to these General Conditions and any applicable Specific Conditions. We can change or reverse approve a settlement made for a market incase it is set incorrectly. This may mean we make changes to your account that reflect market settlements and if you do not have enough money in your account, we may ask you to credit your account with an amount sufficient enough to offset the deficit. In case your account goes into negative figures after this notification, you will be told unless;

  • No funds will be deposited into your account within the reasonable time indicated in our notice to you, or
  • You do not make the necessary payments for your account according to any repayment plan set up between you and Babu88; or
  • You demonstrate that there are no plans whatsoever to put money in your account towards the remaining balance, then we can suspend your account and/or sue you for full payment of the amount due including all costs of legal action. Any winnings or losses from betting on Markets shall be rounded off to two decimal places.

Matters Beyond Our Control

These could include acts of God, such as natural disasters; power outages, accidents or other interruptions caused by third parties; trade or labor disputes; governmental regulations or authority acts or omissions; telecommunications failures or blockades; and delays or failures that are caused by third parties or otherwise outside our control.

We may cancel or suspend the services in such cases without any obligation on our part. We are not responsible for failing equipment and software, wherever situated, with whomsoever they may be located under direct control to prevent Services’ operation, impede placing offers for bets and matching of bets and stop you from reaching us. We accept no responsibility for a failure of performance on behalf of a third party to this Agreement.


You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, including our associated companies, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees from any liabilities, claims, losses or demands made by any third person due to your violation of this Agreement (which include documents integrated through reference) or breach of any law or infringement of a third party’s rights.

You acknowledge that Babu88 and its affiliates will hold information with respect to your identity, including but not limited to your name, address and payment details. You agree that we rely on this information in entering into this Agreement and you agree to hold us harmless against any falsehood contained in the information you give us or otherwise.

Limitation Of Liability

We do not include any promises to you about the quality of the Services and whether they will meet your intended purpose, or if they are accurate and complete. We will have no responsibility towards you for any loss that may be incurred due to password misuse by a third party or unauthorized use of your telephone number in connection with the Telephone Service, whether fraudulent or otherwise. In no event shall we, or any of our suppliers, be liable for losses resulting from the use of services offered under this contract.

In any case, the sum of our liability for damages resulting from this agreement or contractual breach, tort, equity or any other cause shall be less than your exposure limit as mentioned in your account. Under no circumstances would we be responsible for any indirect, special or consequential damages, (whether) profits lost (directly or indirectly) or a bet’s value due to breach of contract, negligence, an equitable duty arising therefrom including but not limited to bets and markets voided by us; These liabilities could have been contemplated by us even if we were aware of them under possible circumstances. Our responsibility cannot be excluded where death and physical injury are caused by the acts of our employees, agents and sub-contractors.

Information Services

Once in a while, Babu88 may provide you with access to different types of information and contents. This will include form data, race results, video streaming, upcoming events and dates and times of the events, scores updates at the moment or elapsed time during a given sporting occasion. Such information may be provided either:

  • on our site (including micro-sites and as part of any runner data and/or results service), emails or other means of communication;
  • or through links to third party websites.

This is what is referred to as “Information” within these Terms and Conditions. It is supplied by Babu88 itself or it could be derived from another person’s source. There are instances where some Information may be referred to as “live”, or it might be assumed that such Information is “live”. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this data maybe delayed for some time.

The Information can also be incorrect. In addition, you must understand that various users on Babu88 could have access to pictures and/or data faster than the ones contained in the Information which they use when interacting with this platform. The Information is given on an “as-is” basis for guidance only.

The Information is not complete, accurate or reliable, and therefore it should not be used to place bets. Any betting made on the basis of this information is made entirely at your own risk. Consequently, using the Information may result in direct or indirect damage of any kind such as loss. Hence, Babu88 does not back any products or services available on such websites through links provided therein. Thus, you should use these sites at your own peril if you are going to succeed with them because Babu88 takes no responsibility for the content on or use of such websites.


You may not assign any part of this agreement without the written consent of Babu88 but he or she may assign any or all parts of this agreement to a third party at any time. In case Babu88 assigns, we will notify you and if you do not agree with it, you will not be able to continue using our services though you can always withdraw your money upon satisfaction of these Terms and Conditions.


Where an arbitrator deems any provision of this Agreement unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall be revised so that it can be enforced in accordance with the intent of such original wording to the maximum extent possible under applicable law. The remaining provisions under this Agreement would still remain valid and enforceable by the court.

Dispute Resolution

Both of us agree to follow our Dispute Resolution policy as might be amended from time to time if there arises a dispute between us and you.


This Agreement or any other guide or policy on our site may be changed by us even in minor respects at any time.

No Waiver

It is agreed that no party shall waive any of its rights under this agreement due to the fact that it did not act upon them immediately thus thereby, failing to exercise the said rights.